Blue Lace Lashes

Cloud Press Ons x Sagittarius Lash


Custom painted press on nails by Miss Anna Jing & 100% handmade Sagittarius lash by Blue Lace.  All sets include nail glue.

Nail Instructions:

1. Get a paper towel or anything to protect the surface that you will be working on.

2. Make sure to start with clean nails, wash and dry your nails thoroughly.

3. Clip off your nails, and file to smooth the edges, so the free edge doesn’t show under the clear press on nail.

4. Slightly push back your cuticles with the wood stick. make sure there is no skin left on the nails plate.

5. Measure each nail tip according to your natural nails, file off any excess on the side or around the cuticles.

6. Use the softer side of the file to lightly buff you whole nail plate.

7. Use the alcohol wipes to clean off any dust from the nail plate.

8. You can put glue on your natural nails or on the back side of the press on tips.

9. Apply it on your nail bed, and hold for 30 seconds to allow the glue to adhere.




Make sure your nails are dry, water trap under the press on will cause fungus.❗️

So after step 1, you should not wash your hands or touch water until the glue is fully dried.❗️

Be careful with the glue.

     Too much will cause the glue to sip out and get everywhere.

     Too little will creat air-bubble under the press on.❗️

Make sure to apply a decent amount of pressure when applying each nail, and hold until the glue is fully dried, then release.